Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are a collection of common questions we are asked:

1. What types of clients do you have?

We work with clients of all sizes. From the single entrepreneur to Fortune 500 client sized companies. We work client in all industries too, like financial services and construction companies.

2. Do you work with a MAC?

We do! We are very familiar with MAC computers, and handle training on MAC with Microsoft products.

3. How long are your training sessions?

This is dependent on your specific needs, but we will not have you in a class longer than 4hrs for any single session, but typical sessions last about 2 hours per session.

4. Do you handle large companies?

Absolutely. We handle Fortune 500 companies, so we can definitely handle large companies.

5. What's the limit to training?

The limit will be your room size, or web conference size per training session. We can handle 100 people on our sessions using our phone and web conferencing for online training sessions.

6. Our company just upgraded to Windows 7. Do you have an overview session so we can find things?

This is a specialtly of ours, and we work with companies who upgrade to the latest software all the time. We offer an overview session of new features and help people find the their way through the screens. You can be up and running with only an hour of training!

7. Do I have to buy a book for training?

No. We don't really believe in books and don't force one when you take the training. We offer reference guides upon request.

8. Can you do video clip trainings?

Yes we can! We do video clip segment to learn something that are only about a minute in length. They are available in a variety of formats for playback, like Adobe Flash.

9. We are in need of a custom reference guide. Can you create one?

We create all types of reference guides based on your needs. From just a single page to a small reference book, we can handle it all.

10. Are you expensive? I would think so since this is custom for my needs.

Surprisingly, no we are not expensive. We believe training should be affordable for companies of all sizes. Just ask for a no-obligation assessment!

11. Do you take credit cards?

We do accept credit card payments through PayPal and our merchant services to make it easier for you.

12. Why should I choose CenterPoint over other companies?

Our President, Melanie Gass, is The Microsoft Princess. It is her passion to help people save time in their work day using Microsoft products. She's an author of reference guides to retailers worldwide, and she even has a radio show called Microsoft Princess Insider devoted to educate people in Microsoft products. She actually cares about you being more efficient in your day, and it really makes us the only training firm says they care and backs it up with these type of credentials.

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